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    as you may remember, back in the days where Star-Wars was modern , there where nice Effects done with nearly no Computer Support.

    This where the late 80s and early 90s... Systems, called "optical printers" where used to add different Effects in one "Scene"...

    Today we benefit from Computers, 3D Graphic Designs and Digital Video Output.... that what you can see is my first successfull 3D Video Tracking and Compositing... What does this mean.

    Traditional 3D Tracking :
    • Cam stands still.
    • only Objects can be moved and other original Video Elements have limited possibilities.
    • Objects can only go closer or far away from the static Cam.
    3D Motion Tracking and Composing :
    • Objects can be integrated in a moving Scene.
    • The Cam is not forced to beeing static, it can be moved.
    • CGI Objects will move and Turn in the right Angle , Position and Size during Cam movement.
    What is left, actually without any "green Screen" its only possible in limited chases to bring Objects in FRONT of the CGI generated Video. mostly this is limited to static Video.

    And here we go :

    Tristars first step into 3D Motion Tracking :

    Respect the Scene, respect their Work.